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Table 1 Research respondents according to data collection methods

From: Programmatic implications for promotion of handwashing behavior in an internally displaced persons camp in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Research methods and types of respondentsTotal N
Key informants
- Coordinator of public health activities, NGO representative1
- Coordinator of hygiene, NGO representative1
- Coordinator of NGO activities in the Kishusha camp, NGO representative1
- WASH community outreach worker, NGO representative1
- President of the camp administrative unit1
- Head of the camp hygiene committee1
- Hygiene promoters3
In-depth interviews
- Female caregivers of children < 5 years of age18
Focus group discussions
- Mothers of young children (10 participants)1
- Male heads of households (10 participants)1
- Members of the governing hygiene committee (12 participants)1
- Block representatives overseeing hygiene promotion activities (8 participants)1