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Table 2 Most frequent diagnoses related to mental and behavioural disorders (multiple diagnoses per patient possible); weighted

From: Does refugee status matter? Medical needs of newly arrived asylum seekers and resettlement refugees - a retrospective observational study of diagnoses in a primary care setting

  Asylum seekers N Resettlement refugees N
F00-F99 Mental and behavioural disorders F32 - Depressive episode 95 F89 - Unspecified disorder of psychological development 9
F43 - Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders 61 F32 - Depressive episode 4
F41 - Other anxiety disorders 17 F41 - Other anxiety disorders 2
F99 - Mental disorder, not otherwise specified 8 F79 - Unspecified mental retardation 2
F44 - Dissociative [conversion] disorders 5 others 0
others 31   
Somatoform symptoms   265   128