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Table 1 Conditions of escape and residence based on the asylum status in Germany

From: Does refugee status matter? Medical needs of newly arrived asylum seekers and resettlement refugees - a retrospective observational study of diagnoses in a primary care setting


Asylum seekers

Resettlement refugees

Journey to Germany

Possible long escape through different countries with possible malnutrition, inadequate water supply, lack of sleep, poor sanitation, experiences of violence during their journey

Organised safe trip to Germany from a third country (e.g. Lebanon or Turkey)

Legal situation in Germany

Approval of asylum application is uncertain, long waiting times, fear of deportation, restricted access to the labour market that depends on the decision of the asylum procedure

Residence permit for 2 years with good perspective to obtain a permanent residence permit; work permit after arrival at the final place of residence

Length of stay in Friedland transit camp

3 to 12 weeks

About 2 weeks

Access to health care before entering Germany

Restricted, if any; access to medical care in most cases

Basic medical care in the third country is provided (including standard vaccinations)

Access to health care in Germany

Restricted for the first 15 months

Restricted only during their accommodation in Friedland transit camp