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Table 1 Overview of indicators and data sources used to evaluate implementation of the Nguvu intervention and research protocols

From: Developing an integrated intervention to address intimate partner violence and psychological distress in Congolese refugee women in Tanzania

  Intervention Protocol Research Protocol
Relevance Indicators: prioritization and burden of problems in Nyarugusu Indicators: Construct and convergent validity of instruments
Data sources: Desk review, formative qualitative research Data sources: Psychometric evaluation of outcome measures
Acceptability Indicators: Participant retention, perceived benefits and challenges Indicators: Ethical considerations and safety
Data sources: Intervention attendance records, qualitative exit interviews Data sources: Adverse events, qualitative exit interviews
Feasibility Indicators: Facilitator fidelity and competency Indicators: Reliability of instruments
Data sources: Training and supervision notes and feedback Data sources: Psychometric evaluation of outcome measures