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Table 4 Indicators Overlapping with Those in Priority Indicator Sets (n = 28)

From: A systematic review of monitoring and evaluation indicators for sexual and reproductive health in humanitarian settings

Domain Indicator Priority Indicator Sets with Overlapa Definition Same as in Priority Indicator Setb
ARH Proportion of births among those under 18 years SDG, GS, Core No
FP Contraceptive prevalence Core No
FP Modern contraceptive prevalence Core No
GBV IPV in past year SDG, GS, Core Yes
GBV Prevalence of female genital cutting SDG, GS No
GBV Timing of PEP provision GS Yes
GBV Availability of clinical management of rape survivors GS Yes
HIV Number on ART GS, Core No
HIV Condom use Core No
HIV PMTCT ARV coverage (mother) Core No
HIV PMTCT ARV coverage (mother-infant pair) Core No
HIV Receipt of ARV drugs for PMTCT by pregnant women known to be HIV positive Core Yes
MH Proportion of low birth weight Core Yes
MH Maternal mortality ratio SDG, GS, Core Yes
MH Neonatal mortality rate SDG, GS, Core Yes
MH Stillbirth rate GS, Core Yes
MH Complete ANC coverage GS, Core No
MH Coverage of syphilis screening GS Yes
MH Coverage of intermittent presumptive treatment for malaria Core No
MH Delivery assisted by a skilled attendant SDG, GS, Core Yes
MH Postnatal care coverage GS, Core No
MH BEmOC services availability GS No
MH CEmOC services availability GS No
MH EmOC services availability GS Yes
MH Investigation of maternal deaths Core No
STI Incidence of genital ulcer disease Core No
STI Incidence of male urethral discharge Core No
STI Selected STI-associated symptoms in the past 12 months Core No
  1. aPriority indicator sets include: The Sustainable Development Goal Monitoring Framework Indicators (SDG); the Global Strategy for Women, Children and Adolescents Monitoring and Evaluation Framework Indicators (GS); and the WHO’s Global Reference List of 100 Core Health Indicators (Core)
  2. bWhen an indicator appeared in multiple sets and had multiple definitions, this question was marked yes if any of those definitions was the same as that in the priority indicator set