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Table 2 Prevalence of intimate partner violence (emotional, physical and sexual) experienced by women in the past year

From: Prevalence and correlates of intimate partner violence against women in conflict affected northern Uganda: a cross-sectional study

IPV type Last 12 months
N (%)
 Insulted me and made me feel bad about myself 134 (32.8)
 Belittled or humiliated me in front of other people 62 (15.2)
 Did things to scare or intimidate me on purpose 109 (26.7)
 Threatened to hurt me or someone I care about 74 (18.1)
 Slapped me or threw something at me that could hurt me 104 (25.4)
 Pushed me or shoved me or pulled my hair 65 (15.9)
 Hit me with his fist or with something else that could hurt me 60 (14.7)
 Kicked me, dragged me or beat me up 69 (16.9)
 Choked or burnt me on purpose 33 (8.1)
 Threatened to use or actually used a gun, knife or other weapon 29 (7.1)
 Physically forced me to have sexual intercourse when I did not want to 58 (14.2)
 I had sexual intercourse when I did not want to because I was afraid of what he might do 89 (21.8)
 Forced me to do something sexual that I found humiliating 30 (7.2)