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Table 1 Exposure to PTE’s and endorsement of displacement stressors

From: Formative psychosocial evaluation using dynamic networks: trauma, stressors, and distress among Darfur refugees living in Chad

PTEs Endorsed (%) Displacement Stressors (Basic Needs) Very Stressful (%)
Being beaten 44.0 Getting food 50.1
Being shot 31.5 Getting firewood 72.9
Being burnt 14.3 Finding shelter 64.9
Limb amputation 10.9 Finding privacy 46.7
Being bound 14.7 Getting water 44.3
Being stabbed or cut 12.2 Getting medical help 41.7
Suffocation or strangulation 10.9 Accessing latrines 63.4
Bombing 37.8   
Being chased 58.2 Displacement Stressors (Safety Concerns)  
Sexual violence 22.7 Problems with other camp residents 10.8
Being drowned 8.7 Problems with locals near camp 61.1
Held captive 27.1 Problems with camp guards 17.8
Kidnapped 15.6 Sexual assault in or near camp 56.4
   Recruitment by rebels in camp 17.7
   Property taken by others 40.1
   Not feeling safe in camp 38.2
   Threats to camp from militant groups 23.6