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Table 3 Health Service Gaps in Turkey

From: Assessment of the health needs of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Syria’s neighboring countries

Author General Area Summary of Findings
Savas et al. [51] General Highest need cited among healthcare professionals was intensive care capacity (66%) and in-patient care (65%).
Sevinc et al. [70] General, Mental Health Difficulty implementing treatments for bureaucratic reasons, lack of psychosocial services.
Sahlool et al. [71] General, Mental Health Number of refugee cases seen each day exceeds recommended limit, insufficient rehabilitation and child psychology services.
Jefee-Bahloul et al. [47] Mental Health High need for mental health services (34% expressed need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist).
Erenel et al. [53] Women’s Health Low level of antenatal care, 41% had no antenatal visits prior to birth.