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Table 3 Factor structure and Cronbach’s alpha (last row of table) for the personal beliefs scales (N = 587)

From: Social norms and beliefs about gender based violence scale: a measure for use with gender based violence prevention programs in low-resource and humanitarian settings

How ready or willing are you to take action by speaking out on each issue Response to Sexual Violence Husband’s Right to Use Violence Protecting Family Honor
Husbands should abandon/reject/divorce their wife if she reports that she has been raped .616 −.016 −.075
A man should have the right to demand sex from a woman or girl even if he is not married to her .537 .113 .092
A woman/girl would be stigmatized if she were to report sexual violence .524 −.275 −.326
A woman/girl should be blamed when she has been raped .506 .137 .024
Sexual violence against women and girls should be accepted as a normal part of life .457 .127 −.070
Families should ignore/reject a daughter if she reports that she has been raped .454 .027 −.017
It is okay for a husband to beat his wife to discipline her .034 .707 −.095
When a man beats his wife, he is showing his love for her .037 .635 −.025
A man has the right to beat/punish his wife .240 .580 −.059
A husband should force his wife to have sex when she does not want to .192 .464 −.045
Women/girls should not report rape to protect the family dignity .000 .028 −.714
A woman/girl’s reputation will be damaged if she reports sexual violence to the authorities .133 .003 −.641
Sexual violence should be handled within the family and not reported to authorities .132 −.127 −.621
A husband or father should retaliate against the alleged perpetrators −.144 .276 −.512
Women and girls should only report sexual violence if they have serious physical injuries −.016 .053 −.497
Cronbach’s Alpha 0.71 0.77 0.75