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Table 2 Factor loadings and Cronbach alphas (last row of table) for the injunctive social norms scales (N = 587)

From: Social norms and beliefs about gender based violence scale: a measure for use with gender based violence prevention programs in low-resource and humanitarian settings

How many of the people whose opinion matters most to you: Response to Sexual Violence Protecting Family Honor Husband’s Right to Use Violence
Expect a husband to abandon his wife if she reports that she has been raped .671 .038 .020
Expect the family to ignore/reject a daughter if she reports that she has been raped .556 .100 .023
Accept sexual violence against women and girls a normal part of life .507 .091 .159
Blame women/girls when they are raped .477 .054 .141
Think that a man should have the right to demand sex from a woman or girl even if he is not married to her .476 −.014 .146
Expect women/girls to not report rape to protect the family dignity −.026 .739 −.092
Expect that a woman/girl’s reputation will be damaged if she reports sexual violence to the authorities or elders .136 .594 .030
Fear stigma if they were to report sexual violence .212 .522 −.097
Expect sexual violence to be handled within the family and not reported to authorities .186 .521 −.033
Expect a husband or father to retaliate against the alleged perpetrators −.207 .445 .148
Expect women and girls to only report sexual violence if they have serious physical injuries .055 .419 .049
Think that when a man beats his wife, he is showing his love for her −.025 −.015 .662
Think that a man has the right to beat/punish his wife .129 .030 .618
Think it is okay for a husband to beat his wife to discipline her .040 .075 .552
Expect a husband to force his wife to have sex when she does not want to .143 −.061 .430
Cronbach’s Alpha 0.75 0.73 0.69