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Table 4 Health-related information needs

From: Healthcare needs and health service utilization by Syrian refugee women in Toronto

Topic Concerns and Information Needs
Healthcare Access Location of specific services
The role of the settlement case worker in facilitating access to healthcare
Information about available emotional and mental health services and supports for themselves, husbands, and children
Information about and access to naturopathic and alternative medicines
Access to healthcare services for acute health problems
Access to healthcare services for chronic health problems, including chronic pain management
Healthcare Coverage Coverage of healthcare costs after the first year
Healthcare resources available to government-assisted and privately sponsored refugees
Services covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
Services, drugs, and specialists’ services covered by various private insurance plans
Information and help to understand health services offered by different service providers and settlement agencies
Information about newcomers’ options following the first year of government support
Health-related Information Coping with stress and remaining calm and relaxed
Managing chronic conditions
Pregnancy-related care and childbirth
Accessing documents and information in Arabic