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Table 3 Key informant participants: Médecins Sans Frontières’ health providers, Lesbos Island, Greece, 2017

From: "I prefer dying fast than dying slowly", how institutional abuse worsens the mental health of stranded Syrian, Afghan and Congolese migrants on Lesbos island following the implementation of EU-Turkey deal

Code Name Gender Working with migrants in Greece
KI1 Male 5 years
KI2 Female 2 years
KI3 Female 3 months*
KI4 Male 2 years
KI5 Male 2 years
KI6 Female 2 years
KI7 Male 2 years
KI8 Male 1 year and 5 months
KI9 Male 4 years
  1. KI Key Informant
  2. *KI3 was included, despite only 3 months working with migrants, in order to have a better gender balance. Health Care providers were; psychologists, cultural mediators and social workers