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Table 6 Standardised factor loadings for the Anhedonia model

From: A factor analytic investigation of DSM-5 PTSD symptoms in a culturally diverse sample of refugees resettled in Australia

PTSD Symptoms Anhedonia model
 B1: Recurrent thoughts of trauma .84
 B2: Recurrent dreams of trauma .87
 B3: Flashbacks .87
 B4: Psychological cue reactivity .97
 B5: Physiological cue reactivity .92
 C1: Avoidance of thoughts of trauma .90
 C2: Avoidance of reminders of trauma .90
Negative Affect
 D1: Trauma-related amnesia .70
 D2: Negative beliefs .78
 D3: Distorted blame .77
 D4: Persistent negative emotional state .87
 D5: Diminished interest in activities .78
 D6: Feelings of detachment from others .80
 D7: Inability to experience positive emotions .85
Dysphoric Arousal
 E1: Irritability or anger .83
 E2: Reckless or self-destructive behaviour .81
 E5: Difficulty concentrating .85
 E6: Sleeping difficulties .88
Anxious Arousal
 E3: Hypervigilance .88
 E4: Exaggerated startle response .92
  1. N = 244. All factor loadings are statistically significant (p < .001)