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Table 3 Description of variables included in regression analysis

From: Water, sanitation, and hygiene access in southern Syria: analysis of survey data and recommendations for response

Code Variable Type
MainSource The main reported source of water in past 30 days Binary (piped network 1; trucked water 0)
MixedWater If a household reported both a primary and secondary water source Binary (mixed 1, one source only 2)
WaterUse Amount of water consumed by the household Continuous (lpcd)
AdequateWater If a household had adequate water as defined by self-reported sufficient water and not being out of water more than two days Binary
IncomeSpent The percent of income spent on water Continuous (%)
SeparateWater If the household respondent reported separating drinking and non-drinking water Binary
FCR FCR in household water Continuous (in mg/L)
FCR_Bin FCR as binary variable with measured values > 0.1 mg/L Binary
FunctionalToilet If the household respondent self-reported they had access to a functional and clean non-shared toilet facility with less than 10 users Binary
Handwashing If soap and water were present in a handwashing station in the home Binary
HygieneAccess If the household respondent reported they could not find and afford necessary hygiene items Binary
WasteDisposal If the household respondent reported waste was collected regularly at least once a month and disposed of in a designated site Binary
Displacement If the household was internally displaced Binary
Shelter If the household shelter was damaged Binary
WSP If the household was in a WSP community Binary
  1. Abbreviations: free chlorine residual (FCR), water safety plan (WSP)