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Table 1 Overview and Classification of all prescribed antibiotics

From: Differences between the antibiotic prescribing pattern of newly arrived refugees in Germany and the German population

Antibiotic group ATC-classes Substance
Aminopenicillins with beta-lactamase inhibitor (BLI) J01CR02 amoxicillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR04 sultamicillin
Basic penicillins J01CA04 amoxicillin
J01CE02 phenoxymethylpenicillin
J01CE10 benzathine phenoxymethylpenicillin
Cephalosporins J01DC02 cefuroxime
J01DC04 cefaclor
J01DD08 cefixime
J01DD13 cefpodoxime
J01DD14 ceftibuten
Fluoroquinolones J01MA01 ofloxacin
J01MA02 ciprofloxacin
J01MA12 levofloxacin
Macrolides/lincosamides J01FA01 erythromycin
J01FA06 roxithromycin
J01FA09 clarithromycin
J01FA10 azithromycin
J01FF01 clindamycin
Nitrofurantoin/fosfomycin/nitroxolin J01XE01 nitrofurantoin
J01XX01 fosfomycin
Sulfonamide/trimethoprim J01EE01 sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim
Tetracyclines J01AA02 doxycycline