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Table 2 The main themes and sub-themes

From: A qualitative study exploring child marriage practices among Syrian conflict-affected populations in Lebanon

Main themes Sub-themes
A- Challenges faced by refugees 1- Financial pressures and inability of families to meet basic needs
2- Loss of educational opportunities
3- Fears are heightened around protection and honor for adolescent girls
B- Change in marriage practices 1- Changes in how girls learn about marriage and relationships
2- Perceptions about age at marriage
3- Challenges to marriage registration
4- Lower bride price
5- Shorter engagement period
6- Change in cousin marriage practices
C- Knowledge about negative consequences of child marriage 1- Inability to register births
2- Difficult living conditions
3- Negative health and social consequences
D- Current services are not meeting women’s needs 1- Lack of trust in Lebanese service providers
2- Services are not always culturally appropriate
3- Inadequate implementation of local programs