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Table 2 Focus Group Emergent Themes for Early Adolescence

From: Sexual and reproductive health needs and risks of very young adolescent refugees and migrants from Myanmar living in Thailand

Early Adolescence Domain Emergent Theme Early Adolescence Concept
Community Neighborhood resources Community assets where VYA seek services such as food, livelihood, and gender-based violence
Community health
Community expectations Cultural beliefs and attitudes of what is expected or appropriate for different age groups
Community norms
Gender roles
Socialization Collective socialization of how adolescents learn to think or behave in certain ways dictated by societal beliefs, values, attitudes
Safety and security Safety and physical environment of risks (perceived, feared, experienced) from harm or violence for VYA
School Education Opportunities and expectations to achieve formal education
Learning Connections with community programs, religious teachings and mentors on SRH
Peers Peer support Behaviors and expectations related to peer support
Norms and values for peer intimate and non-intimate relationships
Family Household dynamics Gender norms and values of members within a household
Household duties Expectations and support for household roles and decision making of VYA
Parental involvement
Individual VYA attitudes and norms Aspirations and expectations of VYA in their context
Individual aspirations
VYA needs
Body awareness Puberty and cognitive maturation of VYA from childhood to adolescence
Physical and mental health