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Table 1 Overview of information sources with routine IDP reporting

From: Internal displacement and the Syrian crisis: an analysis of trends from 2011–2014

Organization Title Update frequency # of documents from source Comments
ACAPS Syria Needs Assessment Project (SNAP) Regional Assessments [31] Approximately Monthly 19 Specific reporting of IDP figures by numerous sources. Often provides a breakdown of IDPs by governorate. Appears to be the most in-depth report with diverse reliable sources
OCHA Humanitarian Snapshot: Syrian Arab Republic [7] Intermittent 7 Map identifying size of population in need per governorate and indicating population movement
OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin: Syrian Arab Republic [8] Approximately Bi-Weekly 45 UN estimates of IDPs; sometimes includes discussion of IDP trends
OCHA Humanitarian Dashboard [9] Intermittent 12 UN estimates of IDPs
UNICEF Syria Crisis Bi-Weekly Humanitarian Situation Report [6] Approximately Bi-Weekly 41 Fairly consistent reporting on affected population size; IDP numbers not always identifiable
ECHO ECHO Factsheet Syria [32] Approximately monthly 21 Number of IDPs from Syrian Ministry of Local Administration [MoLA], SARC, OCHA
ECHO ECHO Humanitarian Implementation Plan: Syria Crisis [33] Intermittent 10 Reports number of IDPs, but includes no discussion of displacement trends
SARC Syrian Arab Red Crescent Bulletin [5] Approximately monthly 4 Occasionally reports total numbers of IDPs
Total Number of Documents Included 159