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Table 4 Culture-confirmed TB cases identified among camp and non-camp Syrian refugees in Jordan by timing of the public health strategy, with rates based on population estimates from UNHCR*

From: “Impact of and response to increased tuberculosis prevalence among Syrian refugees compared with Jordanian tuberculosis prevalence: case study of a tuberculosis public health strategy”

  Pre-strategy 03/12-06/13 Strategy development and implementation 07/13-6/14
TB cases 56 74
No. refugees at period end* 480,000 608,000
Months of period 16 12
Cases per month 3.50 6.17
Cases per month per 100,000 Syrian population 0.73 1.01
Cases per 12 months per 100,000 8.75 12.17
  1. *Source: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Syria Regional Refugee Response []