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Table 4 Functioning EmONC and post-abortion care (PAC) delivery points, additional elements of newborn care, and induced abortion (n=63)

From: Progress and gaps in reproductive health services in three humanitarian settings: mixed-methods case studies

  Functioning BEmONC service delivery point1 Functioning CEmONC service delivery point1 Essential elements of newborn care2 Functioning PAC service delivery point3 Induced abortion4
Burkina Faso (n=28)      
Hospital (n=3) 1 (33.3%) 1 (33.3%) 2 (66.7%) 3 (100%) 0**
Camp health center (n=4) 0 NA 1 (25%) 1 (25%) 0
Non-camp health center (n=21) 0 NA 2 (9.5%) 0 0
DRC (n=26)      
Hospital (n=1) 1 0* 1 1 0**
Health center (n=25) 0 NA 0 11 (44%) 0**
South Sudan (n=9)      
Hospital (n=1) 0 0 0 1 0
Health center (n=8) 1
ND (1)
NA 2 (25%) 1 0
  1. * Minimum criteria for all CEmONC signal functions met except for blood transfusion
  2. **Health facility assessments found that none of the facilities provided induced abortion. However, some providers reported that they had performed induced abortion in the previous three months.
  3. 1 Defined as a facility able to provide all nine (comprehensive) or seven (basic) EmONC signal functions. A facility was classified as able to provide each signal function if the following criteria were met: self-reported provision of EmONC services in the previous three months, at least one provider trained in basic or CEmONC, presence of minimum essential supplies and equipment for each signal function on the day of the assessment. See Additional file 3: Appendix C for details. Hospitals that met the criteria for a CEmONC facility are not included in the BEmONC data.
  4. 2 Defined as having at least one skilled staff trained to provide neonatal resuscitation, breastfeeding support, newborn infection management, thermal care, cord care, kangaroo care, delivery practices for PMTCT and presence of minimum essential equipment and supplies for neonatal resuscitation and infection management. See Additional file 4: Appendix D for details.
  5. 3 Defined as having provided PAC services in the previous three months (self-reported), offering FP to all PAC clients, presence of minimum essential equipment and supplies for PAC using MVA or misoprostol. See Additional file 5: Appendix E for details.
  6. 4 Self-reported provision of the service in the previous three months