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Table 1 Inclusion/exclusion criteria

From: Evaluations of reproductive health programs in humanitarian settings: a systematic review

  Included Excluded
Topic Papers that described RH programs to address maternal and newborn health, FP, HIV and other STIs and/or GBV (sexual violence including rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, and intimate partner violence) Papers that reported on other reproductive health topics (e.g., female genital mutilation, forced or early marriage, reproductive cancers)
Types of Papers/ Data Quantitative evaluations of RH programs or services, including experimental and non-experimental designs that report outcome data Descriptive quantitative papers with no specific health intervention and no outcomes (e.g., reporting only descriptive or baseline data); purely qualitative papers
Settings Humanitarian crises in conflict, post-conflict or natural disaster settings in lower or middle income countries Papers in locations that were not affected by armed conflict or natural disaster; that were more than ten years post-conflict; disaster settings in higher income countries
Types of publications Papers in peer-reviewed journals Letters, editorials, commentaries; grey literature; review papers (although these were screened for references)
Language English Study titles and abstracts in languages other than English
Publication date January 2004 – December 2013 Papers published before 2004 or after 2013