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Table 9 Comparison of tasks of CHWs in their job description and the ones they actually undertake

From: Community health workers of Afghanistan: a qualitative study of a national program

Tasks in the job description of CHWs (BPHS, 2010) If and how CHWs undertake the tasks
Community collaboration and health promotion
1. Actively Participate in community meetings and events Segregated by gender
2. Actively work with mother’s groups and Family Health Action Groups Mother’s groups and FHA often do not exist
3. Encourage the community to participate in immunization Yes
4. Participate in immunization campaigns If asked by the campaign managers
5. Promote good nutrition practice Yes
6. Promote the use of ORS and ZINC, and homemade rehydration Yes
7. Promote hygiene and sanitation Yes
8. Encourage couples to practice birth-spacing Yes
9. Promote psychosocial and mental health in the community No
10. Raise awareness on addictive substance No
Direct services
1. Treat mild prevalent diseases Yes
2. Implement community-based IMCI Yes
3. Implement community-based growth promotion with FHA groups FHA groups often do not exist
4. Counsel on correct use of medications Yes
5. TB prevention program Rarely, due to rare cases of TB
6. Promote ANC and PNC Yes
7. Encourage skilled birth attendance (and institutional delivery) Yes
8. Distribute contraceptives Yes
9. Provide first-aid services to the community Yes
10. Ensure administration of Vit A to children Yes
1. Meeting with community health council Yes
2. Meeting with CHS Yes
3. Support community midwives Yes, if there is a midwife
4. Complete and submit Tally Sheet Yes
5. Know the community and develop a community map Yes
6. Report mortality and disease outbreak Yes
7. Manage the HP, maintain supplies and drugs, and report utilization Yes