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Table 1 Qualitative study participation and demographic characteristics by site and participant type

From: Gender-based violence in conflict and displacement: qualitative findings from displaced women in Colombia

Survivor Interviews
Site: N
Guaviare 23
Quibdo 12
Total Survivor Interviews: 30
Mean Age, yrs. (range): 39 (18-61 yrs)
Provider Focus Group Discussions and Interviews
Site: N
Guaviare 3 groups
Quibdo 3 groups
Total Focus Group Discussions 6 groups
Provider Interviews (Quibdo) 4
Total Provider Participants 31
Service organizations represented:
Health and Psychosocial: Capricon; Ministry of Health (Municipal); Personería; Hospital de San José; Ministerio de Salud (Departamental); Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familial; Ismael Roldan Hospital; San Francisco de Assis; Hospital; Instituto Colombiano Bienestar Familial;
Humanitarian: International Committee of the Red Cross; UNHCR;
Protection: Defensoría (ombudsman); Fiscalía (prosecutor’s office);
Community: Ruta Pacífica; Cocomancia; Red Departmental de Mujeres Chocoanes; Fundación Semilla de Vhida Positiva; Diocese