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Table 6 Summary of medics’ sources of distress (n = 30)

From: Trauma and mental health of medics in eastern Myanmar’s conflict zones: a cross-sectional and mixed methods investigation

Work-related challenges Personal/family-related challenges Security issues, conflict, and human rights violations Early life trauma
Difficulty retaining personnel (11) Separation from family and/or home village for extended periods of time (24) Providing medical services in/near areas of active fighting (30) Early life trauma related to forced displacement (10)
Inability / perceived lack of skills to treat patients (10) Inability to support family and/or inadequate compensation (8) Acts of violence against medics, patients and clinics (10) Early life trauma related to violence against family members (7)
Lack of medical supplies and other resources (10) Disruption of family due to resettlement issues (4) Limited ability to provide services due to security risks (9)  
Transportation and distance-related barriers (3) Fear for family's security (3) Threat of landmine injury (8)