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Table 3 Impact of radiation on casualties

From: Nuclear war between Israel and Iran: lethality beyond the pale

Dose range (rads) Baum Dose range (rads)LLNL Biological effect Survival
75-150 25-100 Slight decrease in blood count; minor radiation sickness Virtually certain
150-300 100-200 Symptoms of bone marrow damage; moderate radiation sickness Probable (>90%)
300-530 200-300 Moderate to severe bone marrow damage; serious radiation sickness Possible – Lower third of range LD5/60
Middle third of range LD10/60
Top third of range LD50/60
530-830 350-550 Severe bone marrow damage; extreme radiation sickness Death within 24–42 days
Bottom half of range LD90/60
Top half LD99/60
>830 >550   Death in 2–21 days