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Table 4 Associated Odds Ratios on Characteristics of Sexual Violence

From: Experiences of female survivors of sexual violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo: a mixed-methods study

Exposure and outcome OR 95% CIs
Of the women attacked by men in uniform (n = 151), 116 were gang raped 3.31 (1.16, 9.51)
For survivors who were widowed (n = 34), 31 reported feelings of general isolation, compared to married women 4.90 (1.27-22.10)
For women abandoned by their husbands after rape (n = 51), 44 reported feelings of general isolation 2.98 (1.10, 8.23)
Of women with children from rape (n = 98), 6 experienced community isolation 4.84 (1.41, 19.53)
Of women reporting gang rape (n = 133), 45 experienced family isolation 2.78 (1.01, 8.14)
  1. * Associates that were tested but not found significant were: whether having a child born of rape was associated with family isolation; whether abduction was associated with family isolation; and whether gang rape was associated with community isolation.