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Table 1 Traumatic events (experienced or witnessed) by more than 70% of the respondents

From: PTSD, depression and anxiety among former abductees in Northern Uganda

  Frequency in %
(n = 72)
combat situations (armed attacks, ambushes, fighting, crossfire) 99
being forced to fight (with firearms against UPDF or SPLA) 85
witnessing killing or murder (shot during combat, beaten to death, hacked to death with pangas, axes, sticks or knives) 97
witnessed gunshot wound during combat 99
beatings with sticks, logs or pangas for punishment or initiation rituals 93
witnessed beatings 94
witnessed abduction of a first grade family member** 90
witnessed mutilations 82
being forced to carry heavy loads with threat of death for dropping 94
being threatened to death (e.g. for failed escape attempts) 94
fear of starving or dying of thirst 92
sexual abuse by a stranger (incl. rape, attempted rape, "given as wife" to a LRA rebel commander, being raped by UPDF) 97*
giving birth of a child during abduction (with beatings for screaming and no midwifery assistance) 74*
  1. * only percentage of women (n = 31)
  2. ** First grade family members are those who are either directly related by blood in the first degree (parents, children, siblings) or related by marriage (husband, wife). We choose this definition in order to obtain valid data on the status of the immediate affected family members.