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Table 4 Critical review criteria (results and interpretation) and results of three reviewed surveys

From: Learning lessons from field surveys in humanitarian contexts: a case study of field surveys conducted in North Kivu, DRC 2006-2008

Participants a) Report number of individuals surveyed
  b) Report non-participation (refusals)
  c) Report number of households surveyed
  d) Give characteristics of survey participants (e.g. demographic, clinical, social)
  e) Indicate number of participants with missing data for each variable of interest
Main Results Summarize key results with reference to survey objectives
  a) Provide estimates and their precision (eg, 95% confidence interval with design effect if cluster based sampling).
  b) Report causes of death
  c) Report absolute numbers of deaths
  d) Report absolute numbers of other variables of interest
Limitations Discuss limitations of the survey, taking into account sources of potential bias or imprecision. Discuss both direction and magnitude of any potential bias
Interpretation Give an overall interpretation of results considering objectives, limitations, results from similar surveys, and other sources of information
Generalisability Discuss the generalisability (external validity) of the study results
Funding State the funding source for the survey
Conflict of interest statement Provide statement concerning conflict of interests and if none, state this.
Follow-up State to whom these results will be provided
Recommendations Provide recommendations on a course(s) of action based on interpretation of findings