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Table 3 Critical review criteria (background and methodology) and results of three reviewed surveys

From: Learning lessons from field surveys in humanitarian contexts: a case study of field surveys conducted in North Kivu, DRC 2006-2008

Rationale Explain the rationale for the survey
Objectives State the objectives
Utilization State how the results of the survey are to be used (e.g. advocacy, program monitoring, baseline assessment)
Protocol State who wrote the protocol for this survey
Setting Describe the survey setting and relevant dates
Participants Give the eligibility criteria for inclusion in the survey
  State the definition of household
Variables Define all outcomes and exposures
Survey instrument(s) For each variable of interest, give sources of data and measurement methods. Mention if secondary sources such as clinic records were consulted.
  a) How was age ascertained?
  b) How were deaths ascertained?
     How were causes of death ascertained?
  c) How were height (length), weight and oedema measured?
  d) Reference the formulae and indicators used for nutritional prevalence, CMR and U5MR
  e) How was vaccination status determined (card, history, scar?)
Authorization and Ethical Considerations Was authorization for this survey obtained?
  State whether ethical approval approval was obtained
  Describe the informed consent procedure
Bias Describe any efforts to address potential sources of bias
Study size State how the sample size was determined and provide all assumptions. including but not limited to:
  a) What design effect was assumed (cluster survey)?
     b) What CMR (and U5MR) was assumed?
  c) What prevalence of GAM/SAM was assumed?
  d) What degree of precision is desired?
Survey Design Describe survey sampling design
  a) Describe household selection procedures
  b) Describe procedures to revisit absent households
Survey Teams Describe training procedures
  State number of surveyors and their degree of professional training
  State how the survey was piloted
Data Accuracy Describe strategies to ensure data accuracy (e.g., double entry)
Statistical methods a) Describe all statistical methods
  b) Explain how missing data were addressed
  d) Provide software used for statistical analyses