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Table 1 General information on Malteser International rape survivors' programme in South Kivu, DRC

From: Sexual violence in the protracted conflict of DRC programming for rape survivors in South Kivu

• Total population of South Kivu, DRC 963,000 (2006 est.)
• Population with access to VAS-centres: approx. 202,600 (2006 est.)
• Approx. 100 health centres located in 9 health zones
• located in one of 5 health zones: (Walungu, Kaziba, Mumumbano, Kaniola, Mwana)
• 18 Community Based Organizations (CBO's) provide psycho-social care
• Programme started in 2003 when during a period of intense fighting in South Kivu over 1,000 women were registered with sexually transmitted infections resulting from rape
• About 20,517 cases of rape (registered January 2005–December 2007)