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Table 1 General Infrastructure of 9 general referral hospitals, DRC

From: Use of facility assessment data to improve reproductive health service delivery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Health zone, Province Operating Agency Catchment area population Number of beds (maternity beds) Functioning power Source of water Designated ambulance
Demba, Kasai Occidental Government 252,917 56 (5) No Internal piping No
Mutoto, Kasai Occidental Government/Religious* 104,150 39 (16) No Rainwater collection No
HASC, Ndjili Government 249,308 137 (23) Yes Internal piping Yes
Kikimi, Ndjili Religious Mission 198,997 101 (38) Yes Internal piping Yes
Roi Baudouin, Ndjili Government 247,023 125 (20) Yes Internal piping Yes
Kasongo, Maniema Government/Religious* 178,821 193 (28) Yes Rainwater collection, external delivery No
Ubundu, Orientale Government 77,584 64 (8) No External delivery No
Kabare, South Kivu Government/Religious* 148,812 130 (120) Yes External pipes No
Kalehe, South Kivu Government/Religious* 101,136 95 (28) Yes Internal piping, rainwater collection No
  1. *Government/Religious indicates a government facility managed by a religious institution.