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Table 3 Lessons learned for building cross-border cooperation

From: Building cooperation through health initiatives: an Arab and Israeli case study

Would do the Same
   • Identify a common problem (health condition) and seize the opportunity
   • Identify committed partners and bring them together
   • Stay positive and keep people in the network
   • Maintain symmetry in involvement of all partners
   • Produce tangible and visible results
Would do Differently
   • Build an administrative infrastructure
   • Establish a firm financial basis
   • Include policy makers in the network
   • Keep all the partners in the loop and use their services
Critical Events
   • Involvement of Jordanian Royal Court
Invitation in 1994 from the late King Hussein to build cross-border initiatives Prince Firas as the Patron of MEHA
   • Steering Committee meetings in the region
"Attending meetings showed that people can work together regardless of the problems in the region." (P2"
   • Opening of MEHA Regional Center in Amman, Jordan
"It is a regional Center and a Regional NGO and it is in Jordan. It is very crucial ... seeing is believing." (P8)
To Ensure Future Success
   • Enhance peer recognition through research, publications and scientific meetings
   • Expand the network
   • Establish better human resources and organizational infrastructure
   • Secure stable funding
   • Educate the public about aim and accomplishments