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Table 1 Reasons for getting involved in cross-border activities

From: Building cooperation through health initiatives: an Arab and Israeli case study

I. Project Level
Important Mutual Problem
   "Health is something common and it doesn't stop with any boundaries. Hearing loss is recognized as one of the epidemics, (I may use that word) in the region. It is common. It seems to be the most common congenital disorder in children." (P8)
   "I am very, very interested in they (neighboring states) treat deafness, what is the attitude towards deafness, and I'm still very surprised how they treat it." (P4)
Humanitarianism Concern
   "I think it's very important if we can help, just help children. Not in the political basis, just as human beings." (P4)
Professional Advancement
   "Networking opportunity with the international community, who have excelled in this field." (P3)
Trusted Third Party
   "The role of Canada has been very positive in providing an umbrella for these activities, for these contacts. It really has been indispensable ... at the end of the day I think we would like to see Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis coordinating, co-operating, co-existing, living together and working without that umbrella, but in the short term it has been needed." (P7)
II. Meta Level
Relationship Building
   "... knowing from the other side someone may listen to you one day when you need them and that maybe things will be better and real cooperation can really come to life."(P6)
Mutual Development
   "We don't have any alternative. I think at the end of the day we will be dealing with each other, living with each other and it's better to start now than to start much later...not only for the sake of peace building but for the sake of our children." (P7)
Knowledge Exchange
   "... willingness of the people to take a chance, and to work with each other... and really want to do some problem solving and work together on research." (P1)
Personal Relationships
   "I think once they saw the human side of each other, I think friendships grew and those friendships have been sustained over the difficult times." (P7)