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Figure 2 | Conflict and Health

Figure 2

From: Civil conflict and sleeping sickness in Africa in general and Uganda in particular

Figure 2

Sleeping sickness epidemics and major political events in Uganda, 1905–2000. Cases from 1936 onwards include south-eastern Uganda only. Sources: Sleeping sickness data 1905–36 deaths [62], 1925–36 cases [62], 1937–58 cases [63], 1960–71 cases (Unpublished report, 1992, Mbulamberi, D. B. The sleeping sickness situation in Uganda: past and present. National Sleeping Sickness Control Program, Jinja, Uganda), 1972–75 cases [54], and 1976–2001 cases (Ministry of Health, Uganda); Political time-series [56, 64, 65].

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